SC halts trials before two Calcutta HC panels after dispute among judges

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Supreme Court Steps in Amidst Judicial Controversy in Calcutta High Court

Stay on Proceedings a Response to Disparities and Discord

Responding to an unusual and distinctive face-off between two judges on two different benches in Calcutta High Court, a group of five judges from the Supreme Court has stepped in. Observer remarks from our source at Reader Wall suggest that the Supreme Court has stepped in to pause all proceedings before the conflicting benches. Such intervention speaks volumes about the unfolding controversy and the need for higher authorities to step in.

Freeze on Investigation Order by Single Judge

In addition, the Supreme Court also suspended the order given by a single judge to initiate a probe by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) into an alleged fake caste certificate scam. The order for this investigation had been passed, despite its nullification by the division bench.

Apex Court Takes Charge

Chief Justice of India Dhananjaya Y Chandrachud led the way, stating, “We have taken charge now… this order will suffice the interest of justice for the time being.” This statement came as the issue was taken up in a special Saturday hearing. These reports come to us directly from our source at Reader Wall.

Top Justices Involved

The apex court convened a group of top-ranking justices – Sanjiv Khanna, Bhushan R Gavai, Surya Kant, and Aniruddha Bose – to hear the case. The West Bengal government and the CBI were issued notices and sought to provide their responses by January 29, which is when the matter will be heard again.

The Essence of the Order

The proceedings in the writ petition standing before the single judge and the appeal before the division bench in the Calcutta high court have been placed on hold. It is especially noteworthy that the orders given by the single judge on January 24 and 25 have also been suspended.

The Unprecedented Event’s Background

The controversial proceedings have come as a result of a writ petition, which resulted in the single judge ordering the CBI to investigate an alleged scam. This order sparked a unique judicial drama marked by contradictory orders and allegations of political manipulation.

The West Bengal government has lodged an appeal against the order of the CBI probe by the single judge. This appeal will be considered in the suo motu proceedings on January 29.

Questions on Judicial Propriety

The Union government pointed out the questionable judgement by the division bench on January 24. The bench had suspended the order of the single judge without a formal appeal by the state government. The Union government cites a 1985 Supreme Court judgement that prohibits a larger bench from interfering with an order absent a formal appeal.

The Aftermath

After unusual events at the high court, contradictory orders were passed by two benches about a petition alleging corruption using fake caste certificates for medical college admissions. The larger bench eventually declared the single judge’s orders void legally from the start, causing the FIR lodged by the CBI per the single judge’s directive to be quashed.

Final Words

The chain of events has led to a heated situation in the High Court. This heated situation came about when Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay of the single bench ordered a probe to investigate allegations levelled by writ petitioner Itisha Soren. These events have prompted supreme court intervention and have left all parties eagerly waiting for the hearing on January 29.

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