San Juan Mayor Zamora Refutes Sen. Ejercito’s TUPAD Program Scam Allegations

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San Juan’s Mayor Denies Claims of Scam Involvement

According to the statement released by our source, San Juan City Mayor Francis Zamora has come forward to refute allegations associating him with a possible fraud linked to the government’s emergency employment initiative, Tulong Panghanapbuhay sa Ating Disadvantaged/Displaced (TUPAD) program.

Accusations Leveled by Senator JV Ejercito

The accusations were made by Senator JV Ejercito, who alleged that Mayor Zamora, along with City Councilor Paul Artadi, were skimming funds from the cash aid, designated for the residents of the city. Ejercito made this claim during a Senate session, during which he unveiled two videos which reportedly showcase an aid recipient as well as the mayor’s office’s alleged illicit collection of funds.

Mayor Zamora’s Response

Questioning the authenticity of these video evidences, Zamora emphasized that the San Juan City’s Local Government Unit (LGU) was simply tasked with the responsibility of enlisting eligible beneficiaries and providing them with the necessary identification required to avail the program’s benefits. He strongly denied any transgressions on his part. In addition to his rebuttal, Zamora also hinted at considering legal actions against Ejercito for this unfounded indictment.

Further Investigation by Senate Committees

The issue, rife with controversy, has been duly forwarded to the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee, as well as the Committee on Public Order to carry out a more thorough investigation. As of now, the matter remains under review with these committees.


  • Mayor Francis Zamora of San Juan City has vehemently denied allegations of involvement in a supposed scam connected to the TUPAD program.
  • The claims were made by Senator JV Ejercito, who implicated Zamora and City Councilor Paul Artadi in illicitly siphoning off funds from the cash aid given to the city’s residents.
  • During a Senate session, Ejercito presented two videos allegedly pointing to this fraud, validity of which has been disputed by Zamora.
  • Zamora clarified that the role of the LGU was solely to register eligible beneficiaries and assist them in obtaining the requisite identification for the program. He maintained his innocence and hinted at exploring legal options against Ejercito.
  • The Senate Blue Ribbon Committee and the Committee on Public Order have taken up this matter for a more comprehensive investigation.