Sadiq Khan, London Mayor, Alerts About Deep Fake Misinformation

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London Mayor Alarmed Over the Possibility of Deep Fake Technology Misuse in Politics

Yesterday, London’s Mayor, Sadiq Khan, shared his worries about the potential manipulation of deepfake technology as a device for the dissemination of falsehoods in politics. The Mayor referenced a previous incident involving a forged audio extract incorrectly linked to him, wrongly indicating that he entertained the idea of postponing Armistice Day to allow for a pro-Palestinian rally.

Dangers of Spreading False Information

The doctored audio clip was unfortunately shared widely, causing upheaval at the Cenotaph, with individuals affiliated with far-right ideologies contributing substantially to the dispersion of this false information. According to the Mayor, similar strategies could potentially be employed in political campaigns, including the impending mayoral election in 2024, transforming algorithms and deepfake technology into harmful weapons.

Condemning the Ongoing Violation in the Middle East

Amidst discussing the deepfake incident, Khan underscored the significance of speaking against both Hamas as well as the Israeli government in light of the relentless Middle Eastern conflict. Repeated hostility shown towards Khan over his bold stance on this issue led to several personal attacks against him in the past.

A Battle with Political Adversaries

Khan voiced out his censure against his Tory adversary, Susan Hall, for her extreme right-wing politics and for not aligning with the ideals of the people of London. Despite facing these challenges, Khan is determined to maintain his community engagement and refuses to allow the radical elements to force his withdrawal from public service.

Meanwhile, the Mayor emphasized the importance of continued efforts for the forthcoming mayoral elections and expressed gratitude for the strength garnered from the Asian community. Khan also voiced his eagerness to collaborate with a Labour Prime Minister- a likely scenario if his party triumphs in both the general and mayoral elections.

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