Rotary District 9111 Gears Up for Leadership Training in Lagos: Preparing for 2024/2025 Tenure

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Preparing Future Leaders: Rotary District 9111 Announces Training Dates

Rotary District 9111 Begins Preparations for Future Leadership

Rotary District 9111 is taking proactive steps to prepare its future leaders. District Governor-elect, Dr. Wole Kukoyi, has announced plans to initiate a series of training seminars aimed at creating a seamless transition for new leaders in the coming year.

District Team Training Seminar

The District Team Training Seminar (DTTS) for 2024/2025 tenure is one of these preparatory training programs aimed at honing the leadership skills of the incoming regime. From our source, it has been confirmed that the training is scheduled to kick off on March 2 and continue through to March 3, at the reputable Orchid Hotel located in Lekki, Lagos.

President-elect Training Seminar

Following closely on the heels of the DTTS is the Presidents-elect Training Seminar (PETS). This seminar focuses primarily on equipping club presidents with essential skills and knowledge that will facilitate effective leadership. The PETS is scheduled to hold from April 5-7 and will also take place at the Orchid Hotel.

District Training Assembly

In addition to the DTTS and PETS, the district is also planning on hosting the District Training Assembly (DTA) for officers. The DTA, which is set to run between April 19 and 20, is also scheduled to hold at the Orchid Hotel.

Training Facilitators

Former District Governor, Omotunde Lawson, and Dr. Wole Kukoyi, who doubles as the District 9111 Learning Facilitator, will spearhead the team of resource persons that will run these training seminars. They both bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table and are poised to provide valuable insights and leadership training to the soon-to-be leaders.

Training Objective

The core aim of these training seminars is to adequately prepare the Rotary leaders for their forthcoming roles and responsibilities in the 2024/2025 tenure. The training modules have been meticulously designed to equip future leaders with the necessary skills and knowledge required to thrive and efficient discharge their duties.

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