River Cross State Law Enforcement Release Alert Over Ballot Thrashing Prior to Sub-Elections

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By-Elections in Cross River State Prompts Police to Caution Against Violent Activities

In light of upcoming by-elections in Biase, Obanliku, and Yala Local Government Areas in Cross River State, Nigeria, the regional Police Force has made a clear call for a peaceful electoral process. The message, delivered via a press release, was released by the Police Public Relations Officer, SP Irene Ugbo, representing Commissioner of Police, CP Gyogon Grimah.

Political Engagement in a Tranquil Manner

Amidst the political enthusiasm of the moment, peace was strongly emphasized by the police force, asserting that elections aren’t a ‘do-or-die matter but a democratic demonstration of preference’. They implore all political candidates, their supporters, and voters to respect the electoral laws, refraining from engaging in any activity that may provoke violence or chaos before, during, and after the by-elections.

Security Provisions and Rapid Response Plans

A commitment to preserving order is at the forefront of the police force’s operations. For any emergency arising during the election period, the public has access to distress lines and a dedicated social media handle. Furthermore, a substantial mobilization of police personnel and other security agencies will be present, aiming to guarantee the peaceful conduct of the by-elections.

Firm Stance Against Disruptive Behaviour

There’s a clear resolve by the police force to act decisively against anyone trying to disrupt the peace in the state. In accordance with this approach, the Inspector General of Police has given orders that restrict vehicle movement on Election Day, prohibit security aides and escorts from accompanying VIPs to polling stations, and ban state and privately owned security companies from partaking in election security duties. The primary objective behind these regulations is to curb any potential meddling and intimidation during the voting process, thus promoting a secure and democratic environment.

As the by-elections draw closer, the focus of the country is on Cross River State, intrigued to see how robust these security measures will prove to be. The law enforcement agencies bear a massive responsibility to guarantee the peaceful and transparent execution of these by-elections. The actions they take in the course of the next few days will set the precedence for the political atmosphere in the state for the foreseeable future.

Elijah Muhammad