Revive Justice Essence, Declares Chief Justice Alok Aradhe

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Reinvigorating the Spirit of Justice: Key Verdicts to be Translated into Telugu, Says Telangana High Court Chief Justice

In an unprecedented move aiming to bridge the gap between justice and common citizens, Telangana High Court Chief Justice Alok Aradhe unveiled that noteworthy verdicts from the Supreme Court and the Telangana High Court are set to be translated into Telugu. The announcement was made during his Republic Day speech on the High Court premises. News of this development comes from the source of Reader Wall.

Justice Accessible to Every Citizen

The Chief Justice urged the assembled individuals to recommit themselves in order to guarantee justice for the underprivileged and the needy. He emphasized that being fluent in legal terminology should not become a pre-requisite for understanding the law. In what can be viewed as another stride towards achieving this objective, e-filing for courts will now be accessible in Hanumakonda, Warangal, Karimnagar, and Jagitial districts, starting from Friday.

New Court Complexes in the Offing

As part of strengthening the judicial infrastructure in the state of Telangana, lands have been designated for the construction of court buildings in all the newly-formed 23 judicial districts. Envisaged under the Nyaya Nirman initiative, these courts, along with the upcoming High Court building, will be equipped with all the modern amenities, reported Chief Justice Aradhe.

Paperless Court and Live-streaming

Staying abreast with the digital revolution, proceedings from all High Court benches are being live-streamed for the public and the judicial system is also adopting the hybrid working model. Chief Justice Aradhe took pride in mentioning that the High Court’s First Court had transitioned into a paperless one since November 1, 2023. Collective efforts have resulted in the reduction of case backlog by 7,877 cases in a span of about seven months from July last year.

Addressing Inequities in Judicial Elevation

President of the Telangana High Court Advocates’ Association, Palle Nageswar Rao, expressed concerns over the systematic denial of judicial elevation to attorneys from marginalized communities. Although the Constitution encourages nurture and protection of deserving candidates from underprivileged backgrounds, the current scenario seems to contradict this essence.

Advocates A. Sudarshan Reddy and A. Narasimha Reddy also emphasized the need to combat these institutional injustices and underscored the importance of diversity and plurality in the judiciary system. Their delivery stemmed from the assertion that it was about time to raise our voices against systematic injustices.


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