Revitalizing Columbus: Tora Bonnier’s Vision Transforms Historic Ho Toy Building into Multifaceted Venue

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New Era Begins for the former Ho Toy Restaurant Building

The iconic downtown building that previously housed the Ho Toy Restaurant, a beloved locale that shut down after 64 years of service, has entered a new era. The property is now under the stewardship of an ambitious new owner with plans for an all-encompassing transformation. This information comes from our reliable sources.

Meet The New Owner

Tora Bonnier, a graduate of Capital University Law School, is the new owner of the property, which she purchased for a reported $422,506 in August 2023. Adding to the intrigue, this 30-year-old entrepreneur has a wide range of different experiences including racing cars at semi-professional level and studying wine at the renowned Cordon Bleu in Paris. The building, renamed the Bonnier Building is located at 11 W. State St.

Tora, a native of New Albany, belongs to a Swedish family with a history in publishing and printing spanning over two centuries. Furthermore, the 9,200-square-foot space is set to undergo its transformation without any financial support from her family. Instead, Tora is leveraging a Small Business Administration loan and a mortgage on her own condo to finance the project.

Ambitious Rejuvenation Plan Amid Post-Pandemic Challenges

Despite initial skepticism from her family and the inherent obstacles presented by the post-pandemic hospitality industry, Bonnier is setting the stage for a bold evolution of the space. The plan includes introducing four unique concepts: The State House dining room, Sous-Sol dance club, Xenon space-themed venue, and an LGBTQ+ club.

Anticipated innovations within the new establishments include an interactive dance floor and an eye-catching dynamic chandelier art piece. Given the proposed proximity of the LGBTQ+ club to the Statehouse in the midst of existing restrictive legislation, Bonnier’s statement is clear and strong.

Planned Dates for the New Spaces

Plans are underway to open The State House as early as July of this year, with a preview of the Sous-Sol coming up at Columbus Pride in June. However, these dates are subject to change depending on the building’s permits and the schedule for the necessary upgrades. The space-themed Xenon is also slated to launch, although this is projected for late 2025 or early 2026.

With such ambitious plans afoot and a resolute vision driving them, the revitalization of the former Ho Toy restaurant building is sure to be a compelling story to follow. Our news outlet will continue to provide updates on this story as it unfolds from our sources.

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