Reporters Trade Writing Tools for Athletic Attire in Tchad Sport’s Unconventional Competition

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Tchad Sport, a well-known sporting agency, is all set to launch the Tournoi des Organes de Presse (TOP), a unique sporting event that brings together various media outlets through a competitive tournament. This year’s edition will see media professionals showcasing their athletic skills and fostering camaraderie among participants from different press organizations, in a departure from their usual roles as journalists. The TOP aims to strengthen bonds within the press community, promote physical fitness, and celebrate the spirit of sportsmanship. The tournament is scheduled to begin officially on February 13, 2024.

Unveiling the TOP

The organizing committee, led by Archange Marabeye, unveiled the plans for the tournament at a press conference held at the Maison des Médias du Tchad on January 15, 2024. The TOP promises to be an engaging and inclusive platform for media professionals.

A Blend of Sports and Journalism

The tournament will feature five teams representing different press mediums. Each team is required to have at least two women, highlighting the event’s commitment to gender inclusivity. Additionally, in a novel rule change, any goal scored by a female journalist will count double towards the team’s final score.

Anticipation and Preparation

The announcement of the Tournoi des Organes de Presse has been met with enthusiasm within the media industry. Preparations are already underway to ensure a successful and memorable tournament. The event will conclude on May 3, 2024, with a gala evening honoring the women and men of the Chadian media.