Record-Breaking Weekend: NESCAC Championship and EISA Regional Finals Highlights

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Historic Performance by Men’s Swim and Dive Team at NESCAC Championship

Our team of ace reporters have recently chronicled a remarkable performance by the men’s swim and dive team at a popular college. Engaging in the thrilling spectacle of the NESCAC championship, the team emerged victorious in securing the sixth place overall, breaking not one, not two, but a staggering 11 school records.

Unprecedented Success in Different Relays

These exceptional athletes particularly excelled in a variety of relay events. Of these, the most striking performances were witnessed in the 800 and 200 free relays. As per our sources, these particular events showcased the team’s unparalleled stamina and coordination, contributing significantly to their commendable finish.

Individual Highlights: Records Shattered in Breaststroke and Fly

Our newsroom received special notes on the awe-inspiring performances by individual members of the team. Alex Grand’Pierre ’25 shattered his pre-existing record in the 50 breaststroke, and didn’t just stop there. He went on to set new records in the 100 breaststroke, capturing the attention of everyone present. Another noteworthy performance was by Jaran Depew ’27 who managed to break the longest-standing record at the school in the thrilling 200 fly.

Nordic Ski Team Steals Admirable Fifth Place at Middlebury Carnival

Mainlining on the adrenaline-filled announcements, we are excited to report that the Nordic ski team too had a memorable run at the Middlebury Carnival, which doubled up as the EISA regional finals. They achieved a proud fifth place with standout performances in both the women’s division and individual events, propelling several team members straight into the NCAA Skiing Championships.

Head Coach Crowned EISA Coach of the Year

In another inspiring turn of events, the team’s head coach was bestowed the honour of being named the EISA Coach of the Year. This outstanding achievement is a testament to the dedication, commitment, and expert guidance he has provided to the team throughout the challenging season.

Historic Hockey Feats: Three Players Make the Second Team All-NESCAC

In the triumphant wind of achievements, we are thrilled to report on the remarkable feats in hockey. Three individual players have been named to the illustrious Second Team All-NESCAC, an achievement that underlines the noteworthy season for the program, notably for the newcomers who have proven their mettle in a short span with their strong performances.


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