RBSE Class 12 English Exam Fraud: Dummy Candidates Caught in Jodhpur, Nagaur

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Dummy Candidates Uncovered in Rajasthan Board Exam

Recent revelations from The Reader Wall News suggest that the sanctity of educational assessments was violated in the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE) Class 12 English exam. Our sources report that imposters or “dummy candidates” were detected during this all-important examination, creating a spotlight on examination malpractice and the need for stricter regulatory measures.

How the Dummy Candidates were Detected

The malpractice came to light at two examination centers – the government senior secondary school of Barnel in Nagaur, and the government senior secondary school of Osian in Jodhpur. The detection of these candidates initially stemmed from a signature mismatch. As explained by our source, an invigilator noticed a discrepancy between the signature on the answer sheet and that on the original candidate’s application form. This mismatch led to an investigation which confirmed the presence of dummy candidates at these centers.

Actions taken by Educational Authorities

Once the irregularity was detected, the examination authorities took swift action. The invigilators immediately raised an alarm, and the examination conduct at these centers was brought under scrutiny. The dummy candidates, acting as imposters for authentic students, were handed over to local law enforcement.

Apart from handing over the perpetrators to the police for further investigation, complaints were also lodged at local police stations against these dummy candidates. The authorities involved are committed to ensuring that none of these individuals manage to slip through the knots of legality.

The Need for Stricter Examination Regulations

  • This incident has uncovered a serious flaw in the current examination system. It is clear that there are loopholes that unscrupulous individuals can utilize to unfairly manipulate the system. These malpractices not only undermine the value of educational qualifications but also rob deserving students of opportunities.
  • The disturbing discovery of imposters in the RBSE Class 12 English exam has, therefore, sparked a call for strict measures in the conduct of examinations. The need for more robust surveillance methods, diligent invigilation, and stringent punishment for malpractices has been underscored.
  • Education officials, teachers, and lawmakers are now charged with the task of devising regulations that uphold the integrity of exams while discouraging and severely punishing any forms of malpractice.

This event should serve as a wake-up call for all stakeholders within the education sector to reevaluate their systems and checks. The inexcusable acts of these dummy candidates indicate an urgent need for reform to instill confidence in the education system and to ensure a fair opportunity for all students.


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