Ravi Shastri Hails Murali Vijay: India’s Top Test Opener Since Gavaskar, Reveals Bharat Arun

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Ex-India Bowling Coach Bharat Arun Praises Murali Vijay

Comparing Vijay to Cricket Legend Sunil Gavaskar

Bharat Arun, former India bowling coach, recently participated in an exclusive interaction offered by The Reader Wall. During the conversation, he brought attention to a statement by Ravi Shastri in which he lauded Murali Vijay as the best Test opener India has seen since the time of the legendary cricketer Sunil Gavaskar. This acknowledgement of Vijay’s prowess by such influential figures in the world of cricket underscores the kind of ability and skill that Vijay brings to the cricket ground.

Personal Association and Admiration

However, Bharat Arun’s association with Murali Vijay isn’t limited to professional admiration. Having a personal connection to Vijay’s cricketing journey, Arun shed light on how he put forth Vijay’s name to a first division team during the early days of his career. This gesture clearly represented his firm belief in Vijay’s capabilities when he was just starting to carve his niche in cricket.

Moreover, Arun further spoke about his fondness for the cricket star who once shined on the pitch for Chennai Super Kings. He expressed his deep appreciation for Vijay and his ability, making it clear that the talented cricketer is one of his favorite players. In every aspect of his career, Vijay has always managed to impress and leave a significant impact, earning the admiration of prominent figures like Bharat Arun along the way.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to follow the journeys of cricket stars like Murali Vijay, it’s interesting to note the impact they have on fellow cricket figures and fans alike. Their contribution to the game, coupled with their unbeatable talent, charisma, and dedication, ensures their place in the annals of cricket history. And, certainly, Vijay’s impact as an opening batsman will continue to resonate as we celebrate and cherish the dynamic world of cricket.


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