Rallies Disturb Polish Parliament, Opponents Insist Freedoms for Detained Partners

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Polish Parliament Hubub over Imprisoned MPs

Poland’s Sejm, or lower house of parliament, was thrown into disarray. MPs from the opposition party, Law and Justice (PiS), created disruption as they demanded the release of Mariusz Kaminski and Maciej Wasik, two of their colleagues. The two are currently imprisoned after being found guilty of misusing their power.

Disruptions Triggered by a Speech

PiS leader, Mariusz Blaszczak, sparked off these commotion with his speech. He appealed for Kaminski and Wasik to be allowed to partake in parliament matters. Both of them were prior members of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA). This speech struck a chord with the fellow party members, stirring up a tumult that brought parliamentary proceedings to a halt.

Parliament Recess Ineffectual

In a futile attempt to reinstall calm, house speaker Szymon Holownia called for a 10-minute recess. The PiS MPs, however, persisted in their protest amid the break. The Sejm’s corridors rang with the Polish national anthem and slogans against communism.

Legal Fights for Parliamentary Roles

Kaminski and Wasik’s journey has been fraught with legal issues. Initially, their roles within parliament were taken away by the house speaker. This act was reversed by the Supreme Court’s Chamber of Extraordinary Control eventually. Yet, the two ex-members of the Anti-Corruption Bureau are still in jail. Their voices continue to be heard in parliament through the protests of their colleagues.

Elijah Muhammad