Radio St. Pete Finds Permanent Home in Thrive DTSP, Elevating Local Media Landscape

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Radio St. Pete Sets up Its First Physical Studio in over a Decade

Our sources have confirmed that Radio St. Pete, an esteemed local internet and broadcast radio station, has just opened its first actual studio in over a decade. The new establishment is strategically positioned at Thrive DTSP – a coworking center situated in the heart of downtown St. Petersburg.

This is a remarkable milestone for this ten-year-old nonprofit organization. The situation marks a significant growth pattern not just for Radio St. Pete but also contributes positively to the local media scene.

Relevance of The New Studio

Commenting on this new chapter, founder and manager of the station, Joe Bourdow, elucidated the importance of the studio in growing the station’s importance in the local media environment. The new studio has already simplified the process of recording and broadcasting countless interviews featuring notable individuals from business, arts, and local government sectors.

Tracing the Growth of Radio St. Pete

Allow us to remind you of the journey of Radio St. Pete so far. They commenced their services online in 2013, and just last year, they attained an FM license. The station serves a real treat to its audience by including a broad range of programs. The listeners enjoy everything from music Broadcasted by bay area musicians to podcasts, live broadcasts, news, interviews, and sports.

Raising Funds For a Noble Cause

Furthermore, we hear from our sources that Radio St. Pete is currently hosting a two-day live local music event aimed at raising funds. The event is expected to draw large audiences as it includes a diverse and eclectic lineup of artists. Bourdow shared his optimism about this event explaining how it will play a pivotal role in promoting the studio’s live music programs. He also highlighted how such events will reinforce the station’s ongoing efforts to create awareness and attract more listeners.

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