Pune Taxi Rule Breaches Increase, England Leads in Cricket Tournament

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Pune RTO Receives Large Number of Complaints Against Auto Rickshaws

Our source recently revealed that the Pune Regional Transport Office (RTO) is dealing with an average of five grievances lodged daily against auto rickshaws for multiple rule violations. These include refusal of rides and misbehavior with passengers. During a recent operation to enforce rules, the RTO found that out of 2,495 checked rickshaws, 1,613 were guilty of some form of rule violation, triggering disciplinary actions.

A Scourge of Rule Flouting

Our investigations found that between the months of April and December 2023, close to 90 gripes were raised against drivers for declining rides, 72 complaints were about meter tampering, and nearly 60 regarded overcharging passengers. Surprisingly, only 2.5% of approximately 100,000 rickshaws operating in Pune are inspected, leading to negligent enforcement of rules and total fines amounting to Rs 3,45,000. The RTO took disciplinary actions against 57 drivers for discourteous behavior, and another 1,324 cases pertaining to rule breaking were duly addressed.

The Balance Between Command and Compliance

Sujit Dongarjal, the ARTO of Pune, has stressed that all complaints are taken seriously, with routine enforcement drives concentrated in Pune’s crowded areas. Auto rickshaws are more popular in Pune compared to Mumbai, hence the commuter unions in Pune play a vital role in escalating reporting of driver misconducts.

England Soars Ahead in Cricket Series

In an unrelated piece of Sports news from our sources, England have taken a 1-0 lead over India in the five-Test cricket series. In a thrilling campaign, England pulled in a stunning victory despite trailing by 190 runs. This win is crucial and presents England with the challenge to maintain their lead to secure the series. This development also puts the spotlight on India’s past performance when trailing in a series, suggesting an enthralling competition between these two top-tier cricketing nations.


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