Puerto Rico’s ARFF Officers Honored During First Responder Week for Exceptional Community Service

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San Juan Firefighters Lauded for their Commitment and Service During ‘First Responder Week’

First Response Emergency Medical Services (F.R.E.M.S.), a nonprofit organization, recently acknowledged the exemplary efforts and commitment of Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) officers from San Juan, Puerto Rico during our ‘Week of the Police Officer and First Responder.’ The special mention comes from our reliable source that shared information about this notable event.

ARFF Officers Receive Emergency Medical Kits

In a practical display of gratitude for their relentless service to the community, the ARFF officers were gifted comprehensive emergency medical bags. The bags, complete with essential medical tools and supplies, are to be maintained in their personal vehicles at all times, thus preparing them on-the-go for any emergency that might arise.

Praises From IAM Southern Territory Leadership

Adding to the praise, Craig Martin, General Vice President of the IAM Southern Territory, and Special Representative John Vigueras both expressed their admiration for the selflessness, dedication, and solid camaraderie displayed by the ARFF members. This recognition is especially significant given the ARFF officers’ recent decision to join the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) in November of 2023 and their ongoing negotiation for their inaugural collective bargaining pact.

ARFF Members—Upcoming Union Members

On a special note, the ARFF officers requested that the recognition be awarded to them as union members. This underscores their dedication to the principles of the union and their continuous effort to contribute positively to the community. It gives us great pride to report their significant strides in this direction and their unwavering commitment to self-improvement and community development.

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