Public Urged to Spot Unique Stolen Generator and Trailer in Auckland

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The Theft of a Unique Red 140kva Generator in Auckland

The Mysterious Disappearance of a Distinctive Generator in Auckland

Our sources have confirmed an interesting incident transpiring from the quiet lanes of Mt Wellington in Auckland. In the early hours of 5 March, a vibrant, unmistakable red 140kva generator went missing. What makes this case more intriguing is the generator’s sheer size and striking colour, as well as the daring circumstances of the theft.

Generator Spotted in Penrose

According to eyewitness reports, the generator was noticed in the back of a 4WD vehicle, hinting at a possible heading towards the northern region from Mt Wellington. Adding to the mystique of the incident is the sighting in Penrose, which leaves open the possibility that the stolen generator could be anywhere now.

Police Seek Public Assistance

The Auckland Police have officially joined in the search. Aiming to harness the collective power and reach of the public, they’ve shared two images of the stolen generator with the press. The photographs clearly show the generator and its trailer. It’s hoped that these would aid members of the community in identifying it if spotted.

The police are keen on receiving any reports concerning the stolen generator’s whereabouts or details leading to the culprits. They have urged locals and prospective witnesses to forward the necessary information, stressing the importance of public participation in this intriguing case.

How to help in the generator’s recovery?

If you happen to come across the 4WD vehicle towing the generator, the police request that you get in touch with them immediately. Witnesses should take particular note of the following features:

  • Red 140kva generator
  • 4WD vehicle associated with the theft
  • Direction of travel

Alternatively, for the conscious citizen wishing to remain anonymous, details can be submitted securely through Crime Stoppers. Remember, your information could be essential in recovering the missing generator and bringing the culprits to justice.

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