Proterra Ceases Operations at Greenville Facility; Phoenix Motorcars Reveals Acquisition amidst Bankruptcy Ordeal

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Proterra to Close Greenville Facility, Resulting in Layoffs

In a significant development, Proterra, a California-based electric vehicle manufacturing powerhouse, is scheduled to shutter its Greenville office and manufacturing facility by the end of January 2024. This closure will result in an unfortunate layoff of 290 employees, marking a significant blow to the local workforce.

Proterra’s Bankruptcy and WARN Notice

The company had sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in August 2023, but initially maintained intentions of continuing standard operations. However, by November, Proterra had issued a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) in South Carolina, signaling the impending permanent closure of their Greenville facility.

Phoenix Motorcars’ Acquisition of Proterra

Meanwhile, Phoenix Motorcars has made a strategic announcement about their acquisition of Proterra. The aim behind this move is to supplement their current product line of electric shuttles and school buses with Proterra’s sturdy electric transit buses. Phoenix Motorcars has successfully added full-size all-electric transit buses to its existing medium-duty offerings with the acquisition of Proterra’s transit business line.

Uncertain Future of Proterra’s Greer Plant

While Proterra has an EV battery plant operating in Greer, South Carolina, the fate of this plant hangs in the balance. Phoenix Motorcars has refrained from making any statements regarding it. The Greer plant, which commenced battery production in January 2023, is currently the sole South Carolina location featured on Proterra’s website after the Greenville office was omitted earlier this month.

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