Principal Secretary Lauds Clergy’s Role in Promoting Peace and Development in Machakos

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The Role of the Church in Societal Cohesion

Commendation of the Church’s Role in Societal Cohesion

From our sources in the recently held international convention and prayer meeting at the ACK All Souls Cathedral in the heart of Machakos town, Ms. Veronica Nduva, one of the key figures in the State Department for Performance and Service Delivery, greatly commended the church leaders for their indispensable role in fostering tranquility and offering wise counsel to believers. This critical conference underscored the church’s influential impact on societal unity through the power of prayer and the proclamation of the gospel.

The Church’s Contributions to Governmental Communication

Nduva underscored the church’s significant contributions in facilitating vital communication between the citizenry and the government, especially on matters concerning national development and security. She encouraged the clergy to persist in supporting both the national leaders and the general populace by emphasizing on education and tackling societal plights such as violence related to gender and the consumption of illegal brews.

Government’s Plan to Combat Social Ills

The government, as reported from our sources, has plans through the NDMA to include the county of Machakos among those receiving aid in the form of food relief. Deputy County Commissioner David Rotich has also made it clear that there are comprehensive efforts underway to curb the menace of counterfeit alcohol in the region and enforce strict regulations pertaining to liquor licenses. This mission is currently being carried out through regular inspections and legal measures against those found violating the set guidelines.

Event Highlights

The event, which was a source of great spiritual nourishment, was expertly steered by Prophetess Ruth Kioko of Wopranet Kenya. It effectively highlighted the integral role the church plays in the country’s transformation and evangelization process.


It is clear that the Church also plays a critical role in amplifying societal cohesion and providing a bridge for governmental communication with the people. As societal leaders, the clergy can support national development and tackle social ills, further demonstrating the importance of the Church’s role in societal transformation.


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