Baringo Man Charged for Defiling Minor: Court Sets Hearing Amid Public Outcry

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Dennis Kibet Faces Child Molestation Charges in Kabarnet Court

An adult male identified as Dennis Kibet has been presented before a justice court in Kabarnet to answer to charges of sexually violating a minor. He has been accused of committing the grievous offence on the 3rd of February 2024. The alleged act took place in a locality known as Sessoi village, situated in the Baringo North subcounty, our source reported.

Kibet’s Charges

According to the legal documents presented in the courtroom, Kibet is accused based on section 8 subsections 1 and 2, as well as section 11 subsection 1 of the Sexual Offences Act Number 3 of 2006 of the country’s law. In addition to the main charges, Kibet is facing an alternative charge for allegedly carrying out an improper act with a child.

Kibet, maintaining his innocence, denied all charges placed against him and has fiercely argued that the allegations made are baseless. However, particular concerns about the possibility of him attempting to escape justice have led to objections against the prospect of his conditional release.

Arguments for a Swift Trial

Backing the prosecuting team’s case are a few essential pieces of evidence and a series of witness statements. Another significant factor influencing their call for an immediate trial is a P3 form. This detail, which emerged from our source, contributes to an overall picture suggesting a speedy trial is required.

An affidavit, sworn by police constable Henry Owiti, consolidates the case against the release of Kibet. The affidavit sheds light on the fears of the abused child and the primary witnesses. They expressed apprehensions about their capability to provide testimonies should Kibet be let out on bail. This affidavit stringently strengthens the stance against Kibet’s release.

Schedule for Further Proceedings

There is a scheduled date for the case to be mentioned in court as revealed by Resident Magistrate Edwin Mulochi. The case is set to come up on the 15th day of March while the court hearing will take place ten days afterwards, on the 25th.

The court proceedings have been tentatively arranged, expecting five testifiers in all to present their narratives. It is crucial to note that this arrangement is subject to change before the court date. This is some of the latest information that has been obtained from our source on this case.


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