Prince Harry Rebuked for Favoring Meghan Markle Over Royal Responsibilities

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A Shift in Royal Dynamics: Prince Harry’s Priority of Love over Duty

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has come under fire for his commitment towards his wife, Meghan Markle, instead of honoring his inherent responsibilities and historical ties to the Royal Family. This judgment illuminates a knotty web of allegiances and urgent matters that have roiled the foundation of the royal establishment. All news come from the source of Reader Wall.

Re-allocation of Royal Responsibilities

In a milestone that will undoubtedly have a resounding impact on the royal landscape, Prince Harry alongside Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, sent shockwaves throughout the kingdom with their decision in January 2020 to withdraw from royal duties. The couple opted to make California their new home, a fact that was communicated to the public via their Sussex Royal Instagram account. This groundbreaking choice, made without the approval of Her Majesty, diverged from established royal etiquette and represents a significant junction in the annals of royal history.

Declared royal expert, Angela Levin, known for her keen investigation into royal interactions, has spoken out against Harry’s choices. She levels Meghan with accusations of disregarding the hierarchical framework and traditional code associated with the Royal Family. Furthermore, she holds Meghan responsible for causing Harry’s decline. Levin’s criticism alludes to a noticeable adjustment in Harry’s conduct, a disposition she credits to Meghan’s influence.

The Dilemma of Familial Bonds and Health Predicaments

Even with attempts by the Royal Family to make Meghan feel welcome, Levin avows that Meghan was unyielding in her pursuit of their life in her own terms, leading her to insist that Harry sever communication with his family. This argument is reinforced by Harry’s conspicuous silence on the public stage regarding the health difficulties encountered by his father, Prince Charles, and his sister-in-law, Princess Kate, both of whom have grappled with health issues recently. Additionally, Harry’s elder brother, Prince William, was compelled to take a break from his royal engagements to assist Kate as she recuperated from an abdominal operation.

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