Prime Video India’s Sushant Sreeram Unveils Future Media Strategies at FICCI FRAMES 2024

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Navigating the Future of Media and Entertainment Industry at FICCI FRAMES 2024

Our source had the privilege of covering the FICCI FRAMES 2024 panel discussion ‘Reinvent: Navigating the Future of the Media and Entertainment Industry’. The panel highlighted the growth trends within the streaming industry in India. Leading industry figureheads, including Prime Video India’s country director Sushant Sreeram and Ministry of Information and Broadcasting secretary Sanjay Jaju, were present.

The ‘AND’ Solutions and Growth Outside Metro Areas

Sreeram provided insights into Prime Video’s strategy within the Indian market. He emphasized focusing on adopting ‘AND’ solutions. This strategy is designed to cater to a diverse range of customers. Notably, Sreeram indicated a significant growth in streaming consumption outside India’s metropolitan areas. This emphasizes the importance of making content both affordable and accessible. Language preference continues to play a crucial role in content consumption, reiterated by Sreeram.

Long-Term Investment and Cinematic Storytelling

During the panel, the country director of Prime Video India also declared an unwavering commitment for long-term investment in the country. He expressed the importance of creating a cinematic storytelling category to engage audience better. A significant part of his discussions revolved around their collaborative efforts in developing a comprehensive video entertainment marketplace.

Prime Video’s Global Achievements and Services

Establishing its reputation on a global scale, Prime Video has made significant strides in new customer adoption. Sreeram provided insights into Prime Video’s services, including Channels, Movie Rentals, and Mini TV. These services are part of the brand’s attempt to capture a larger audience and diversify the streaming experience.

‘Day one’ Philosophy and Conclusion

Concluding the panel, the focus moved to Amazon’s ‘Day one’ philosophy. This ideology is centered on prioritizing customers, promoting curiosity, and maintaining a nimble approach in a rapidly evolving industry. As Sreeram reiterated, staying true to these principles has been instrumental in the brand’s success within the competitive streaming platform market.

  • Prime Video India’s country director Sushant Sreeram discussed various growth trends within the streaming industry.
  • ‘AND’ solutions, affordability, accessibility, and language preference are crucial in content production and consumption.
  • Significance of long-term investment in India and creation of cinematic storytelling category discussed.
  • Channels, Movie Rentals, and Mini TV, among Prime Video’s services, have contributed significantly to new customer adoption.
  • Amazon’s ‘Day one’ philosophy calls for customer-centered service, promoting curiosity, and maintaining a nimble approach.

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