Prevent Sangolli Rayanna’s restriction to a single caste, declares Karnataka Chief Minister

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Sangolli Rayanna: A Patriotic Freedom Fighter, Not Limited to Just One Community

It was a momentous occasion when Chief Minister Siddaramaiah urged people not to restrict the respect towards the great freedom fighter, Sangolli Rayanna, to a particular community. His words echoed through the event held in Bengaluru where tributes were being paid to Rayanna on his death anniversary. This statement came directly from the Chief Minister, evidencing the importance of disseminating broad-minded thoughts, as shared by our source, Reader Wall.

Commemoration of Sangolli Rayanna

During the eloquent speech, Siddaramaiah reminded the crowd, “Sangolli Rayanna, a patriot and a freedom fighter, was martyred by the British for his rebellion. However, we admire and respect him, not merely because of his community but chiefly due to his undying patriotic spirit.”

Institutions Named After Great Figures

Further, the Chief Minister disclosed some significant recommendations made by the state. He stated, “We have recommended to the Union government to name Hubballi Airport after Rayanna. In addition, Kempegowda Development Authority was established by us, and we also proposed nominating Kempegowda for Bangalore International Airport. These institutions are named after great figures with a vital purpose – to inspire others.”

Caution Against Constitutional Changes

A note of caution was also mentioned in his address. Siddaramaiah warned against individuals with harmful motives, saying, “Beware of those who wish for the abolishment of the Constitution, the perpetuation of inequality, and those who want to live off someone else’s hard work. Some are even striving to alter our Constitution.”

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