Premier to initiate fresh dialysis facilities in Karnaktak

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State-wide Dialysis Services Upgraded with Single-use Dialysers

The government-run dialysis centers are undergoing an important enhancement regarding patient safety and service quality. Honorable Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is set to launch this improved dialysis service, which now uses a single-use dialyser mechanism, marking an essential shift from the formerly used multi-use dialysers. This significant change within the health sector is a response to the potential infection risk that existed with the recurring use of dialysers.

Improved Services Inauguration at K.C. General Hospital

The new services will first be initiated at the K.C. General hospital this Saturday. The hospital already has 20 new dialysis machines equipped with single-use dialysers installed and ready for operation. These upgraded machines have a formidable ability to offer services to up to 72 patients daily.

Extensive Installations State-wide

This transition to safer and efficient dialysis services is not restricted to K.C. General hospital only. Reader Wall sources indicate that the State Health Department plans to install over 800 new machines equipped with single-use dialysers across the State. This will be achieved through a collaboration of public and private sectors.

Additionally, to cater to the increasing need for dialysis services, the number of dialysis centers in the State has been elevated from 171 to 219. The augmentation comprises 48 new centers that have been established in various taluks.

Distribution of New Machines

The Bangalore division is the first to benefit from this upgrade, with 800 single-use dialysers and 250 machines being installed in 57 of its centers. Following closely, 55 centers in Mysuru division will receive 222 new machines. Belagavi division centers will also get their share of improved equipment, with 201 machines being placed in its 62 centers. Lastly, 45 centers in Kalaburagi division will get 127 machines.

The Health Department has confirmed that the installation process is now in its final stages. To initiate these quality improvements, 475 single-use dialysers will start operating from this Saturday. Over the next month, the remaining centers will also start their new service, the Health Department stated.

Your thoughts and comments on this significant improvement in the health sector are welcome.


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