Pramathesh Barua College Assam Seeks Assistant Professors: Apply Before March 20, 2024

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Job Alert: Assistant Professors Needed at Pramathesh Barua College, Assam

We bring exclusive news from our source that Pramathesh Barua College, Gauripur, has launched a fresh recruitment drive. The premier education institution is currently accepting applications for the posts of Assistant Professors. This strategic move is part of a broader initiative to augment their academic faculty and maintain the college’s academic ethos and cultural heritage.

About Pramathesh Barua College

Founded on June 1, 1964, Pramathesh Barua College is named after the illustrious Rajkumar Pramathesh Chandra Barua. The college boasts a proud history of academic accomplishments and a significant role in advancing higher education in western Assam. Over the years, it has benefited from the leadership of several distinguished academics and administrators.

Role of Assistant Professors

Prospective candidates applying for the position of Assistant Professors at Pramathesh Barua College need to meet certain criteria. These include strict adherence to the guidelines laid out by the Assam Government with regards to educational qualifications and age limits, as noted in the official memorandum OM No. AHE. 239/2021/68 dated 24/01/2022.

Application Procedure

  • The application process necessitates a Demand Draft of Rs. 1500.
  • Candidates are required to present a fully filled application in the prescribed format.
  • Applicants need to submit a detailed bio-data.
  • Self-attested copies of all pertinent testimonials are to be attached.

The last date for submitting applications is March 20, 2024. All applications should be addressed and sent to the Principal of Pramathesh Barua College at the designated address in Dhubri, Assam.

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