Police MBVV Auctions Deserted Cars, Generates Above 17.49 Lakh

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Operation Khatara Reaps Success in Auction of Impounded Vehicles

Our sources report the triumphant auction of 194 vehicles under the banner of Operation Khatara. Conducted by the Kashimira unit of the Mira Bhayandar-Vasai Virar (MBVV) police, the auction raised an impressive amount exceeding 17.49 lakh. The lot included 94 two-wheelers, 11 four-wheelers, and 89 auto-rickshaws, all of which had been seized under the Motor Vehicle Act or discovered as abandoned. These vehicles had been consuming valuable space at the traffic department’s Beverly Park area yard for a number of years, awaiting a final decision on their destiny.

MSTC’s Efficient Execution

Our source reveals that the Metal Scrap Trade Corporation Limited (MSTC), a public sector unit adept at organizing e-auctions, orchestrated the auction flawlessly. MSTC’s expertise in managing online auctions assured a smooth and transparent process, thereby setting an excellent example for similar ventures to follow in the future. The entire portfolio of vehicles was made available online via MSTC’s proprietary platform, creating buying opportunities for potential bidders countrywide.

Assessment and Competitive Bidding

The Regional Transport Office in Thane carried out a thorough examination and valuation of the vehicles, placing their collective worth at 6.61 lakh. This assessment played a crucial role in defining the starting point for the auction bids. An intense bidding war ensued, culminating in a winning bid that was nearly three times the initial valuation. The successful bid, placed by Indian Motors Limited, a company based in Haryana, is a testament to the firm’s strategic planning and understanding of the market.

Follow up to Last Year’s Parallel Event

Our sources recount a similar successful auction held in the previous year by the traffic department. A total of 218 seized or abandoned vehicles were auctioned, resulting in a gain of 17.06 lakh. Repeatedly conducting such auctions helps to rid the traffic yard of unused vehicles and adds to the department’s revenue. These accomplishments underscore the potential of such initiatives to meet several goals simultaneously, paving the way for a bright future for Operation Khatara and alike projects.

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