PM Sheikh Hasina Urges RAB to Intensify Actions Against Hoarding and Counterfeit Currencies Pre-Ramadan

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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Calls for Intensified Actions Against Unethical Practices

Our insiders reported on March 6, 2024, during the commemoration of the 20th founding anniversary of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) in Dhaka, how Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina expressed her profound concerns over several societal issues.

Sheikh Hasina Speaks About the Importance of Ethics

In her message to the public, the Prime Minister highlighted the need for intensified measures to tackle various challenges such as food hoarding, the circulation of counterfeit currency, militancy, terrorism, drug misuse, and the growing trend of teenager gang culture. These issues become particularly prevalent before the Ramadan and Eid seasons.

She expressed criticism for unscrupulous traders who choose to amass essential items only to inflate their prices during Ramadan. A time, which she aptly pointed out, should be observed with self-discipline and free from reprehensible actions.

Notable Officials Present at the Event

At the event, several critical officials were in attendance. These included Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan, RAB’s Director General M Khurshid Hossain, along with other top-ranking security and public security personnel.

Video Documentary Presented at the Celebration

Apart from the inspiring speeches, the attendees were also treated to a video documentary. This piece of visual art encapsulated the numerous activities performed by RAB. It served as a testament to the efforts of the battalion in maintaining public order and combating crime.

The Prime Minister’s participation in the event was also further highlighted by the guard of honour she received on her arrival, showcasing the respect and veneration she commands as a leader.


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