PM seeks specialists’ committee for detailed investigation into Medigadda debacle

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Chief Minister A. Revanth Reddy Announces the Formation of an Expert Committee

Investigation into Damages at Kaleshwaram LIP Barrages

The Honourable Chief Minister of Hyderabad, Mr. A. Revanth Reddy, has announced his intentions to put together a committee of experts. This committee will carry out a thorough inspection of the damage sustained by Medigadda barrage and two other associated structures at the Kaleshwaram Lift Irrigation Project (KLIP) – namely Annaram and Sundilla. The requisite steps will be taken following the findings of the undertaken assessment.

No Agreement on Project Management Handover

News originating from the source of Reader Wall informs that Mr. Reddy was told by officials of the Irrigation department that no consensus has been reached nor signed regarding the transfer of management for any of the projects, contrary to the reports circulating in media spaces. The Chief Minister reportedly expressed dissatisfaction towards such misleading press coverage, questioning the passive response of the officials.

Officials Inquired on Meetings and Decisions

The Chief Minister inquired into the nature of the meetings that were held with the Krishna River Management Board and the Ministry of Jal Shakti since the Congress party took power. Mr. Reddy is particularly interested to know if any decisions were made by authorities without the government’s express approval.

Thorough Study on Kaleshwaram Project Damages

Regarding the Kaleshwaram project, Mr. Reddy gave explicit instructions for an exhaustive analysis on the damage the Medigadda and other barrages have endured, including the sinking of piers. Any future action will be contingent upon the findings presented in the expert committee’s report.

Repercussions of Previous Mistakes

Mr. Reddy addressed that, due to the ‘errors’ made by the previous government in executing irrigation projects, the state has sustained significant financial loss. He reassured that there would be no compromises on protecting the interests of Telangana.

Cross-Party Discussion on Krishna Water Issue

The all-party meeting called by the Chief Minister will be engaged in extensive discussions on the Krishna water supply issue. The intent is to ensure full transparency on all decisions made and the individuals behind those decisions.

Completion of Projects with Less Expenditure

Mr. Reddy expressed his interest in prompt completion of projects that incur lesser expenditure so as to supply water to farmers at the earliest. He emphasized on the importance of prioritizing the excavation of the Srisailam Left Bank Canal project tunnel to irrigate four lakh acres. He also urged to expedite the work on the Narayanpet-Kodangal Lift Irrigation Scheme.

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