PM Modi Blasts Dynastic Politics in Chennai; Vows to End Nepotism, Boost India’s Economy

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PM Modi’s Counterstatement Against INDIA Bloc Leaders’ Accusations

Addressing recent allegations from the INDIA bloc leaders, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, staunchly defended his personal and political position. He was quick to denounce the claim that he has no family, affirming that his commitment is to battle against ‘parivarvad’ (nepotism), a system he believes to be harmful to democracy and the younger generation. Modi accused the Congress party and its squads of descending to personal offenses due to his vigorous endeavors in bringing their corruption charges to light.

Political Families Prosper While States Suffer

The Prime Minister argued that while there was notable progress in particular political families, the states inevitably suffered under their governance. He emphasized that these family-driven parties create barriers to the progression of young politicians and are involved in fraudulent activities for personal gain. These are starkly different from his administration’s efforts, geared towards promoting fresh and honest youth in governance, combating dishonest practices, and striving for the growth and welfare of the nation.

Administration’s Efforts For Country’s Development

Among the endeavors of his administration, Modi brought attention to initiatives such as building accommodations for the underprivileged and garnering resources for the Ganga project. These steps, he believes, have fortified the foundational structure of the national development agenda.

Reiteration Of Government’s Accomplishments

The Prime Minister, while revisiting the accomplishments of his government, underlined the eradication of Article 370 from the Indian constitution, the building of the Ram temple, and the vision to propel India into the world’s third-largest economy.

PM Modi’s Criticism of the Congress and BRS

Modi vehemently condemned the Congress and the BRS for their alleged involvement in corruption. He pointed out their dubious role in the Kaleshwaram project scam, amongst other wrongdoings.

Promises Of Further Development For Telangana

The Prime Minister in his address vowed to continue focusing on further developmental efforts in Telangana, drawing a distinction between their mode of governance and his architectural design for India’s progress.

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