‘Performing a play once more’: Zverev’s crisp reply to Medvedev’s deed at Australian Open SF ignites ‘Break Point’

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Revisiting the Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev Rivalry

The crafting of an intriguing on-court rivalry between tennis players Alexander Zverev and Daniil Medvedev, which has moved beyond the typical competition in the sport, has attracted a significant amount of attention. In recent times, compelling insights into this rivalry were offered to fans in the second season of ‘Break Point,’ which premiered before the 2024 Australian Open, presented by our news source, Reader Wall.

Notable Past Encounters

Prior to their recent face-off in a thrilling semifinal clash at Rod Laver Arena, Zverev and Medvedev had already squared off on 18 different occasions. Of these encounters, their most memorable and intense match took place at the last year’s Monte Carlo Masters. This encounter, which presented a true reflection of Zverev’s sentiments towards his Russian counterpart, was vividly shared in one of the ‘Break Point’ episodes.

Flashback to the Latest Confrontation

The latest incident associated with their rivalry surfaced during the fourth set of a recent game when Zverev led with his score at 6-5 15-0, aiming to force a tiebreak. After winning a point, Zverev prepared for his serve for the subsequent point. However, Medvedev disrupted the flow by requesting a review of the previous point, which the umpire denied due to exceeded timeout allowed for such calls. Zverev, irked by this interruption, expressed his frustration by stating, “He knows it was inside the line. He’s doing a show again.”.

Looking Back at Zverev’s Remarks

Reflecting on a ‘Break Point’ episode titled ‘Unfinished Business’, Zverev’s reaction on the court was reminiscent of past comments he made about Medvedev. In that episode, which focused on Zverev’s 2023 campaign, his collision with Medvedev at the Monte Carlo Masters was already highlighted. Zverev had opined that his competitor often attempts to manipulate players mentally, reflecting questionable sportsmanship.

Quoting his remarks, Zverev stated, “He is one of the most unfair players in the world. I take fair play and sportsmanship very seriously, but he does not. He takes a toilet break when it’s not possible anymore”. This criticism followed Zverev’s defeat in a match where he initially held a lead.

The Outcome of the Game

Despite the disturbance, Zverev remained unperturbed during the service game, forcing a set decider. However, it was Medvedev who emerged triumphant in the tiebreak, shifting the match to a fifth set. He successfully broke Zverev’s serve twice and secured his victory on his first match point. This victory marked Medvedev’s third appearance in a Grand Slam final at the Australian Open, as well as his sixth overall career final.


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