PDEA Refutes Duterte’s Assertions: Marcos Jr. Not on Drug Surveillance Register

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Philippines’ PDEA Refutes Allegations against Marcos Jr.

In recent developments related to The Republic of the Philippines’ political arena, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) has released an official statement combating statements made by former president, Rodrigo Duterte. The ex-president had previously implicated that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. had been involved in illicit drug activities. This claim had its roots when Duterte held the position of the mayor of Davao City, alleging to have concrete evidence showcasing Marcos Jr.’s involvement with narcotics.

Statement from PDEA: No Drug Involvement for Marcos Jr.

In response to Duterte’s assertions, the PDEA has made it clear that since its inception in 2002, there has never been an instance where Marcos Jr.’s name featured in the National Drug Information System (NDIS). The NDIS, serving as a comprehensive knowledge base, aggregates data on individuals engaged in drug-related activities from various law enforcement and intelligence agencies. PDEA added that Marcos Jr.’s name did not appear on the ‘narco-list’ published during Duterte’s presidency, even after thorough verification processes.

Marcos Jr. Reiterates His Stand Against Illicit Drugs

Duterte, in the year 2021, cast doubts on the capabilities of a potential presidential candidate, hinting at substance abuse but without explicitly naming Marcos Jr. In response to this veiled accusation, Marcos Jr. chose to voluntarily undergo a drug test. As per the results shared by the official sources, the tests came back negative, reinforcing Marcos Jr.’s standing against the involvement with illicit substances. These test results were appropriately shared with the authorities concerned.

Seeking Official Statements

As this story continues to evolve, efforts are being implemented to obtain official comments from Marcos Jr., as well as his sibling, Senator Imee Marcos. The unfolding of these events holds the attention of the general populace and specialists alike, considering the allegations’ potential bearings on the overall political scenario of the Philippines.

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