Patrik Laine, Columbus attacker, joins the NHL/NHLPA help initiative program

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Patrik Laine Joins NHl/NHLPA Player Assistance Program

In a recent announcement stemming from sources within our organization, Columbus Blue Jackets forward player Patrik Laine has entered the joint player assistance program run by NHL/NHLPA. The specifics of his participation in the initiative remain with the league and the union.

Impact on Team Participation

Laine is temporarily stepping away from his team responsibilities to receive the necessary care from the assistance program. He will be allowed to participate in practice sessions and further games once cleared to do so by authorized administrators.

Official Statements

The general manager of Blue Jackets, Jarmo Kekalainen, expressed the team’s total support for Laine’s decision. “Patrik has our absolute backing, and our only concern revolves around his well-being,” Kekalainen stated, stressing that the organization would not speak further on this matter to respect Laine’s privacy.

Laine’s Acknowledgment

Laine, a 25-year-old athlete from Finland, expressed gratitude towards his team, the league, and his supporters in a statement via social media. Further discussing his absence, he stated his anticipations about “rejoining the rink with a refreshed mind and revived energy.”

He went on explaining, “Following in-depth contemplation and discussions with my support network and the team, I’ve realized the importance of giving top priority to my mental well-being and health. Hockey is my life and passion, but I’ve understood that to be at my peak performance, I need to use this time for self-introspection.”

Pledge Towards Mental Health

Throughout his professional career, Laine admitted having bouts with mental health issues. Accordingly, in October, he pledged to donate $1,000 to the mental health resources and support facilities provided by OhioHealth in the Columbus area.

Current Health Updates

He is being away from play since his left clavicle got broken during a mid-December game. Due to this injury, his participation has been capped at 18 games, during which he managed to score six goals and assist three times.

Career Overview

Laine, selected as the second pick in the 2016 draft by Winnipeg, is now in his third full season with the Blue Jackets, who brought him in a trade deal with Jets in 2021. His career incorporates 504 regular and playoff games in which he accumulated 212 goals and 191 assists.

Recent Inclusions in the NHL/NHLPA Program

This season, Laine is the third player entering the joint program, following Colorado’s Samuel Girard in November and Girard’s team member Valeri Nichushkin in this month.

After being affected by anxiety and depression that eventually led to alcohol abuse, Girard was away from hockey for about a month. He was able to get back in the practice field in November and played his first game on the eve of the New Year.


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