Pair of Kerala High Court workers suspended for apparent offensive allusions towards PM in a play

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Kerala High Court Officials Suspended Amidst Accusations of Defaming Indian Prime Minister

Information originating from the dependable sources of Reader Wall reports a recent incident concerning two officials of Kerala High Court. On Saturday, following derogatory allegations in a Republic Day stage show script, an assistant registrar and a court keeper were provisionally suspended.

Details of the Incidence

The derogatory scripts reportedly criticised Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his supporters during the performance. The presentation was held on the last Friday in the High Court auditorium to honour the Republic Day celebrations.

The Suspended Officials

Registrar General P. Krishna Kumar of the court made the decision to suspend both the assistant registrar, Sudhish T A, and the court keeper, Sudheesh P M. Sudhish was suspected of having written the dialogues for a skit which apparently featured a character resembling Mr Modi and showed disrespect towards cow dung.

Upcoming Investigations

The removal of these two officials resulted from a grievance posed by the Bharatiya Abhibhashaka Parishad and Legal Cell. The court commanded the Registrar (Vigilance) to thoroughly study the incident. Concurrently, the Registrar (Administration) has been instructed to investigate the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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