Over 2.5 lakh pilgrims worship at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple on opening day

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Overwhelming Devotional Turnout at Ayodhya’s Ram Temple

Following the News from Reader Wall, an astounding number of 250,000 to 300,000 worshippers paid their obeisance to Ram Lalla at the revered Ram Temple in Ayodhya on Tuesday. State administration confirmed the continuing arrival of devotees in similar magnitude.

Government Officials Supervise the Orderly Movement of the Devotees

In light of the large influx of the worshippers, top officials from the Uttar Pradesh government were stationed within the temple grounds to ensure a smoothly managed crowd. Eminent dignitaries such as Prashant Kumar, the Special DG (Law and Order) of Uttar Pradesh, and the Principal Secretary (Home), vigilantly monitored the situation from within the ‘Garbha Griha’.

Ram Temple Graciously Welcomes the General Public

Tuesday saw the grand opening of the Ram Temple to the common public, post the ceremonial ‘Pran Pratishtha’. The auspicious event, conducted on January 22nd, marked the beginning of regular public visits to the holy place.

Security Measures In Place amid Large Turnout

A substantial contingent of 8,000+ security personnel stood by the premises to handle the surge in the number of devotees.

Devotees started arriving since dawn to offer prayers. “The realization that we are going to have a ‘darshan’ of the Ram Lalla has only elevated our feelings of joy and awe,” shared Tejender Singh, a devotee hailing from Chandigarh. Commenting on the dense gathering at the temple’s entrance, he added, “It is inevitable considering millions will gather to have the darshan of Lord Ram.”

One of the devotees mentioned travelling all the way from Odisha to participate in the holy communion. He shared enthusiastically, “I travelled 1,224 kilometers from Odisha’s Puri to Ayodhya on my bike, drawn by the eagerness to have a ‘darshan’ of Lord Ram Lalla. The sight of a temple that was awaited for over 500 years filled me with ecstatic joy.”

The ‘Pran Pratishtha’ Ceremony Mirrors the Fervor across the Nation

With a buoyant mood prevalent across India, the ‘Pran Pratishtha’ ceremony of Shri Ram Lalla in Ayodhya was conducted in the presence of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, amid jubilant celebrations. The Prime Minister engaged in central rituals, officiated by a handpicked group of priests. The enthusiasm truly mirrored across India, marking the symbolic return of Lord Ram to his throne.

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