Our Metro system disrupted between MG Road and Baiyyappanahalli points due to technical hitch

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Namma Metro Services Disruption Causes Commuter Outrage

On January 27, Namma Metro services on the Purple Line were disrupted for approximately one hour, causing disruption and dismay among commuters. According to officials from the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL), the services were unavailable between MG Road and Baiyyappanahalli metro stations due to an unforeseen technical issue. This news comes from our source at Reader Wall.

Unplanned Purple Line Disruption Causes Strain

While an official announcement was made about the unavailability of Green Line metro services between Peenya Industry and Nagasandra metro stations for three days (January 26 – January 28), the disruption in the Purple Line came without warning. This unexpected stoppage caused many commuters, particularly those at MG Road and Indiranagar metro stations, to be stranded awaiting for an uncertain train arrival.

Bengaluru’s Metro Service Inconsistencies

Alan Desousa, a social media user who was greatly affected by the disruption, stated, “Bengaluru is still grappling with efficient metro services. If there is any maintenance schedule, it should be considered in a manner that does not interfere with daily services. Sudden outages of Namma metro services disrupt everyone’s routines and create chaos like we experienced today.” This sentiment was widely reflected among affected commuters.

Breakdown Affects Metro Station Facilities

One commuter named Adinath, who was also at one of the purple line stations, complained of being directed to evacuate the station after some time, with other station services being affected in the morning. “All passengers have been asked to exit the metro station premises citing a power failure. Even escalators are not functioning,” he said.

Service Restoration

Train services on the Purple Line were only operating between MG Road and Challaghatta and Baiyyappanahalli and Whitefield (Kadugodi) until 11 a.m. However, an official of the BMRCL announced that “Normalcy of train services has been restored from 11 a.m. on the Purple Line between Challaghatta and Whitefield,” bringing relief to inconvenienced commuters.

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