Osmania University female dorm terror: Student witnesses hands emerging from bathroom air vent

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Osmania University PG Girls Hostel Residents Protest Over Security Breach

A serious security breach event at Osmania University’s Post Graduate Girls Hostel led to a wave of protests by the students on Saturday. According to some participants in the protest, the hostel dwellers were successful in catching one of what they believe were three intruders. The official statement regarding the intruders yet has not been confirmed by the police. News comes from source of Reader Wall.

Protests and Demands for Justice

The protesting students gathered around their hostel, chanting “We want justice” forcefully. Several police officers engaged in discussions with the protesters in an attempt to persuade them to abandon the protest site.

Authority and Justice

The students’ agitation centered on the Vice-Chancellor (VC), who they implored to come to the site of the breach. One student voiced her frustration, “We are just asking for VC to come. Why is he not coming?” Another reiterated the same demand, “We are just trying to pressure the VC to come.”

The protests were sparked by a series of disturbing incidents that took place upon the students’ return from the Sankranti holidays. This drew increased attention to the urgent need for safer living conditions within the hostel.

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According to sources at the Reader Wall, some students had been uneasy since their return from holiday. One of the student protesters shared, “After we came back from the Sankranti Holidays, we were hearing strange sounds in different rooms. But we thought it might be our mistake.” Alarm bells rang louder when one student allegedly observed hands extending from a washroom ventilator on the ground and first floors.

A Harrowing Incident

A student recounted her ordeal, disclosing, “Yesterday, the incident happened on two of the floors, the ground floor as well as the first floor at the same time. We have ventilators in our washrooms. But she (one of the students) saw hands coming out of the ventilator. She panicked and ran.”

In panic, the students sought help from their seniors to confront the intruders. “We approached our seniors. We were searching for them. We saw three of them, only one was caught by us. We are demanding the rest who were there to be nabbed,” the protesting student stated determinedly.

Demands and Appeals

Demands flowed freely as the students requested that the Vice-Chancellor attend the site and address their concerns. The same protester appealed, “We have been sitting here since 12:30…We want the VC to come and address our problem, and we want a solution for all our issues. Security is important. We want proper security where we are staying.”

Updates on the situation will be made available as the story progresses. Stay tuned for more news from the source of Reader Wall.

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