Odisha: 3 student deaths, 11 wounded when picnic coach crashes into lorry.

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Tragic Bus Collision in Nayagarh Results in the Death of Three Students

This tragic incident comes to us from the sources of Reader Wall. A heart-wrenching mishap unfolded yesterday in Odisha’s Nayagarh district, where three innocent lives were lost due to a bus-truck head-on collision. The ill-fated bus was transporting over 50 school students from a local coaching center in Daspalla, who were out for an educational journey to Harishankar and Nrusinghanath in Bolangir district.

Details of the Accident

Unfortunately, this fun and educational trip turned deadly as their bus had an untimely encounter with a rice-laden truck near Buguda on the Shalabhanga jungle road. As our sources report a total of 11 students were severely injured in this horrific accident apart from the three unfortunate fatalities.

Emergency Response and Rescue

The local police station was alerted immediately after the incident. Showing prompt response, a team was dispatched to the scene where they began rescue operations with the help of the local community.

Immediate Medical Help for the Injured

The injured students were rushed to nearby medical facilities to ensure swift medical aid. Four children have been admitted to Daspalla Hospital, while the other seven are receiving treatment at Nayagarh District Headquarters Hospital.

Current Investigation Status

The local law enforcement has confirmed the detention of the truck driver and his assistant, and a full-scale investigation has been initiated to determine the causes of the accident. The local police and authorities are working tirelessly to bring justice to the affected families and ensure such a tragic incident does not repeat.

Let’s hope for speedy recovery of the injured children and pray that strength is granted to the families who lost their loved ones in this unfortunate accident reported by Reader Wall.

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