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Women of Courage: Narratives from Jallikattu Stalwarts

In the daring spectacle of Jallikattu, a tradition mired in bravery, three phenomenal women narrate their adventures as bull rearers. This account is sourced, in its entirety, from Reader Wall reports.

Dhivya Dharsini: A Trailblazer in the Vaadivasal

Dhivya Dharsini, an audacious owner of bulls in Alanganallur, entered the competitive landscape of Jallikattu, shattering the norm. This daring woman is the owner of two prized bulls, Manickam and Military. Her fearlessness and tenacity challenge deep-seated stereotypes, making ripples in this male-centric bull-clustering domain.

Pandiselvi: The Compassionate Caretaker

Playing a role of specific importance is Pandiselvi, the devoted carer of Muthu, Alanganallur’s respected temple bull. There is an unspoken agreement among bull tamers not to engage with him out of reverence for the deity he signifies.

Selvarani: The Resolute ‘Jallikattu Bull Lady’

Not far from Alanganallur, in a village named Sennagarampatti in Melur, nestles Selvarani, who has been fondly termed the ‘Jallikattu Bull Lady’. She has been managing bulls since her early 30s, which made her a pillar of strength within the Jallikattu society.

Accompanied by the likes of Ramu, Thottichi, and Kangeyan, she narrates tales from her life’s journey that entail raising these magnificent beasts.

The Post-Pongal Scenario

In the aftermath of Pongal, smaller Jallikattu tournaments are still held. These dedicated women extend not only care but also emotional support to nurture the bulls participating in these events.

Their tales of resilience and bravery highlight the unexplored narratives within the Jallikattu tradition, further deepening our understanding of this fascinating cultural event.

Interested readers may delve into more details regarding women’s unique roles within Jallikattu, within Reader Wall’s vast collection.

The Team Behind the Scenes

  • Akila Kannadasan, Reporter

  • R. Ashok, Videography and Photography

  • Shibu Narayan, Production


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