Nuno Bettencourt Secures $3.75 Million from LA Home Sale, Marking End of an Era

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Nuno Bettencourt Sells LA Home for a Grand $3.75 Million

Renowned for his pioneering guitar mastery in heavy metal band Extreme, Nuno Bettencourt has recently parted ways with his plush Los Angeles dwelling. According to our sources, the Beachwood Canyon property, initially acquired in 2013 for $2.1 million, has fetched a handsome amount of $3.75 million in its latest sale.

Luxury Home in The Heart of L.A.

Perched in the prestigious neighborhood of Beachwood Canyon, the recently sold mansion offered captivating views of the downtown Los Angeles skyline, the legendary Hollywood sign, and the vast Pacific Ocean. Reminiscent of architectural brilliance, the property is replete with luxury at every corner, with an elegant interior design.

Unsurpassed Amenities

Boasting of five bedrooms and seven bathrooms, the house contained a gourmet kitchen fit for a chef, lavish bathrooms radiating opulence, a picturesque dining room for formal dinners, and a soothing sauna.

An Oasis for Relaxation

Apart from the lavish indoors, the property came complete with an outdoor oasis. The top deck encompassed a tranquil pool, a relaxing spa, a sundeck for basking in the sun, and an open-air cabana for lounging.

An Element of Unique Elegance

Adding to its myriad features, the property contained a separate lodging that Bettencourt had transformed into a recording studio, reflecting his musical passions and creativity.

Extreme Continues Concert Tour

While Bettencourt has made headlines with his real estate transaction, his band Extreme has been busy engrossing fans with their ‘Thicker than Blood’ tour. They are currently sharing the stage with the special guest, Living Colour.

Extreme’s Sixth Studio Album – ‘Six’

After an artistic hiatus of 15 years, Extreme heralded its comeback with the studio album ‘Six’. Launched in 2023, the album carries a note of melancholy, drawing inspiration from the unfortunate demise of Eddie Van Halen, the legendary guitarist.

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