Northeast Iowa Buzzes with Cultural, Entertainment Highlights: March 1-4

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March Cultural Calendar: Northeast Iowa Comes Alive

From March 1st through March 4th, a diverse array of culture, music, and entertainment awaits in the heart of Northeast Iowa. Our sources have assembled a line-up that promises something for everyone, ensuring a busy start to the month.

‘Kinky Boots’: A Broadway Spectacle at the Waterloo Community Playhouse

One of the most anticipated events this March is the Tony Award-winning ‘Kinky Boots’, which makes its way to the stage of the Waterloo Community Playhouse. This vibrant show, brimming with catchy songs composed by the renowned Cyndi Lauper, tells the heartwarming real-life story of a struggling shoe factory kept afloat by an unexpected hero – a flamboyant drag queen.

A Night at the Opera with UNI

For those who appreciate the finer tones of music, the UNI Opera has a treat in store. The University ensemble will pay homage to the genius of Giacomo Puccini by performing one of his celebrated one-act operas.

‘Heathers: The Musical’ at Theatre UNI

Continuing the theatre trend, Theatre UNI will host the final performances of ‘Heathers: The Musical’. The show, loaded with dark comedy and high school drama, is set to entertain audiences for one last time this season.

Pre-Season Farmers Market: A Taste of Local Delights

Fresh produce and artisan goods await at the pre-season farmers market at the Waterloo Center for the Arts. An excellent opportunity to support local economy while getting your hands on some unique, high-quality items.

Music to the Ears: Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra collaborates with The OK Factor

A harmony of classical and contemporary music as the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Symphony Orchestra collaborates with the OK Factor to perform the iconic ‘Appalachian Spring’ in concert.

The Bike Bazaar: For The Love Of Cycling

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or a budding biking enthusiast, the Bike Bazaar offers an array of bicycle gear to suit all needs. Come and find your ride’s next upgrade.

KOLO Folklore Festival: Celebrating Bosnian Culture

Dive into the enriching world of Bosnian culture at the annual KOLO Folklore Festival. The event promises traditional music, dance, and food, celebrating the region’s rich heritage.

Waterloo Public Library Presents: Mother Goose Storytime

Last but certainly not least, our youngest patrons aren’t forgotten with the Mother Goose Storytime at the Waterloo Public Library. An immersive storytelling session designed to delight, teaching young minds the joy of reading from an early age.


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