North Korea Tags South Korea as ‘Prime Foe’: A Risk to Inter-Korean Ties

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North Korea Names South Korea as ‘Number One Enemy’

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-un recently declared an intention to formally label South Korea as the nation’s main enemy. This unexpected move threatens the peace and stability of the region and comes at a time when tension between the two Koreas is escalating. The story was first reported by our own source, Reader Wall.

The Amendment and What it Means

Kim Jong-un suggested a change in their constitution which will redefine South Korea as a separate state. Even though he stated that North Korea does not desire war, he also admitted that his nation will not avoid it either. This drastic change signifies a complete overhaul in their relationships and tries to restrict Korean Peninsula concerns to issues between North Korea and the United States, excluding South Korea. He further instructed the removal of all symbols representing unity and partnership between the countries.

Response from South Korea

The South Korean government, through its unification ministry, condemned Kim Jong-un’s belligerent comments and restated their determination to respond to actions of aggression in a robust and determined manner. The nation’s President Yoon Suk-yeol asserted that a substantially tougher penalty would be imposed if provoked. The Yoon administration expressed regret over North Korea’s escalating hostile language but also pledged to counter any threats from North Korea with a powerful response.

Tensions Escalate as Global Concerns Rise

The predicament in the Korean Peninsula area is currently seen as being more risky and alarming than any time since the Korean War. Analysts are apprehensive about the possibility of further escalation. It is observed that the relationship between the Koreas has significantly degraded in recent months. Actions contributing to this include North Korea suspending a military deal with South Korea and issuing threats of nuclear attacks. Sources point to the 2019 summit with the US which did not achieve its goals as a pivotal point in North Korea’s anti-Western attitude. North Korea continued its belligerence by conducting missile tests and military drills close to South Korean borders. These rising tensions can potentially disturb the peace of the region and wider global community.

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