Noah Hartsock Reflects on BYU’s Historic NCAA Comeback, Shares Insight for Current Cougars

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Noah Hartsock Revisits Historic NCAA Tournament Comeback

Recently, Noah Hartsock, a former standout for the Brigham Young University (BYU) Cougars, took a trip down memory lane by sharing his experiences and insights on the team’s 2012 NCAA Tournament comeback, the most significant in NCAA history.

Hartsock on Y’s Guys Podcast

During his guest appearance on the Y’s Guys podcast, Hartsock reminisced about the fond memories of triumph against the TCU, a feat he recently watched from his home in Las Vegas, and one that has left a profound impact on him.

2012 NCAA Tournament: The Historic Comeback

The star player recounted how the Cougars rose above a significant halftime deficit against Iona, a thrilling victory that remains the most significant comeback in the NCAA Tournament’s history. Hartsock’s contribution to the win was pivotal, with the former Cougar scoring 17 of his 23 points in the second half.

Life beyond Jimmer Fredette

Aside from the unforgettable victory, Hartsock also had a throwback moment about playing alongside Jimmer Fredette, fondly recalling the ‘Jimmermania’ phenomenon that swept through BYU. He also discussed the challenges of transitioning into a leading role following the departure of Fredette.

Hartsock’s Legacy at BYU

  • Played in a total of 134 games
  • Made 98 appearances as a starting player
  • Contributed to six consecutive NCAA Tournament appearances for BYU
  • These noteworthy milestones shape Hartsock’s illustrious career at BYU.

    Transition to West Coast Conference

    Hartsock also touched on the difficulties and adjustments that came with BYU transitioning into the West Coast Conference. This introduced a new level of competitiveness, with his team being the pioneers of BYU basketball in this new conference.

    From BYU to Big 12

    As for the current BYU team now playing in the Big 12, Hartsock offered nuggets of wisdom for gaining postseason success. He pointed out the essential skills to bring to the game, such as shooting, defense, and transition play.

    Hartsock’s Basketball Journey

    His unexpected decision to commit to BYU and his rise to become one of the most accomplished players for the Cougars are pivotal landmarks in Hartsock’s basketball journey.

    Final Thoughts

    Noah Hartsock’s journey from being a simple BYU commit to becoming a star highlight of the Cougars reflects his immeasurable impact on the program. His insights serve as valuable perspectives for the current BYU team and prospective future players.


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