Nitish Kumar to leave INDIA group? Bihar assembly formula gains prominence

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Political Uncertainty Rocks Bihar as Fortunes are Set to Change

The political landscape in Bihar is currently gripped by uncertainty. The main concern relates to the future of the existing coalition government, fueled by speculation that Chief Minister Nitish Kumar might revert to the BJP-led NDA alliance. The rumor mill has been active since Thursday and gained momentum following a hint at an ideological shift from Rohini Acharya, daughter of RJD leader Lalu Yadav. The news has come from the source of Reader Wall. Both JD(U) and RJD leadership have held individual meetings to address this speculation.

A Glimpse Into Bihar Assembly: The Numbers Game

Bihar assembly consists of 243 seats, with RJD being the most populous party, followed by the BJP and Nitish Kumar’s JD(U). Here’s a quick look at the party-wise tally:

  • RJD: 79 MLAs
  • BJP: 78 MLAs
  • JD(U): 45 MLAs
  • Congress: 19 MLAs
  • Left parties: 16 MLAs
  • HAM: 4 MLAs
  • AIMIM: 1 MLA
  • Independent: 1 MLA

The ‘Mahagathbandhan’ government of Bihar is currently composed of RJD, JD(U), Congress, and three Left parties, bringing together a total of 159 MLAs. However, should JD(U) abandon the alliance, the count drops to 114 MLAs, implying the disintegration of the coalition government.

The key number for a party or coalition to form a government in the Bihar assembly is 122 MLAs.

Potential Reunion with BJP: A Game Changer?

Should the JD(U) join forces with BJP again, they would pool together 123 MLAs. In addition to this, the four MLAs from Jitan Ram Manjhi’s HAM, which is a part of the NDA alliance, will give them enough support to form the government.

Nitish Kumar: The Turncoat Politician?

Nitish Kumar is no stranger to shifting alliance to maintain his Chief Ministerial position. In 2020, despite having fewer votes than BJP, Nitish still assumed the Chief Minister’s role, courtesy of a pre-poll agreement. However, in 2022, the Bihar CM left the NDA alliance to return to the Mahagathbandhan and form the government. His potential return to the NDA serves as a reminder of his flexible political outlook.

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