Nitish Kumar despised in Mahagathbandhan, survival at risk: JD(U) MLA

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Political Unrest in Bihar: Nitish Kumar Faces Alleged Disrespect in Mahagathbandhan

Tensions Build Among Alliance Parties

Gopal Mandal, MLA from JD(U), suggested on Friday that the lack of respect felt by Bihar’s chief minister, Nitish Kumar, inside the Mahagathbandhan could be the catalyst for the latter to unite with the BJP-led NDA, news sourced from Reader Wall reveals.

Reports of Potential Party Shift

Mandal indicated Kumar’s political survival might be in jeopardy, prompting radical measures for preservation. “Our national president’s survival is potentially at risk,” stated Mandal, referring to Nitish Kumar. He later added how he felt Kumar was being demeaned and taken advantage of during his time in the Mahagathbandhan.

Mandal speculated that despite the challenges, JD(U) MLAs could withstand them. “Our MLAs are resilient, making it impossible to fracture their unity,” he shared.

RJD MLA’s Stance

In relation to RJD MLA Rital Yadav expressed a different outlook, pledging loyalty to Lalu Prasad Yadav and affirming their commitment to public service, regardless of their position in power.

RLJD Chief’s Assertion on Nitish Kumar

Upendra Kushwaha, RLJD chief voiced his perspective, asserting that Kumar was desperate to leave the Mahagathbandhan. However, JD(U) has denied rumors pertaining to the potential division.

Signs of Cracks in Alliance

Nonetheless, indications of a troubled alliance were evident when Tejashwi Yadav, the deputy chief minister and other high-ranking RJD leaders chose not to attend the governor’s high-tea event.

In response to the media’s questions about the missing attendees, Kumar dismissed them rudely and suggested that those who were absent should answer.

Implications of Potential Allegiance Shift

Rumors regarding the possible change of allegiance have initiated a flurry of actions from Kumar’s allies. For instance, Shakeel Ahmed Khan of Bihar Congress is calling for a meeting with Congress MLAs in Purnia, Bihar, tomorrow at 2 pm.

Nitish Kumar’s Fluctuating Alliances

It is noteworthy that Kumar has switched alliances twice since 2017, once rejoining the RJD-led alliance in 2022. These occurrences might have stimulated the recent conjecture of Kumar’s potential association with the BJP-led NDA.

Present Composition of Bihar Assembly

In the 243-member Bihar Assembly, the party composition is as follows: RJD leading with 79 MLAs, BJP next with 78, and JD(U) with 45. It is followed by Congress with 19, CPI (M-L) with 12, CPI(M) and CPI with 2 seats each, Hindustani Awam Morcha (Secular) with 4 seats, and AIMIM and one independent legislator, each with one seat.

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