Nigeria Pro-Am Golf Tournament 2024: A Stroke Toward Fresh Golfing Year in Acutech

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The Dazzle of the Acutech Pro-Am Golf Championship

On the fine morning of January 29, 2024, Lagos is buzzing with the thrill of the upcoming second edition of the Acutech Pro-Am Golf Championship. Taking place at the prestigious Ikeja Golf Club, this event marks the commencement of Nigeria’s professional golf season. Nigeria’s golfing elite gathers, with their eyes on the substantial reward of N15 million and an opportunity to make a name early in the 2024 rankings. This information is received from our trusted sources.

Fostering the Growth of Golf: The Acutech Manifesto

Zed Jituboh, the leading figure of Acutech Support Systems Limited, speaks about the grand ambitions behind the championship. More than the attractive prize money and ranking stakes, this championship is about fostering the growth of golf in Nigeria and uplifting the local talents. Acutech’s active engagement in promoting the sport is evident in their substantial investment in this championship and their collaborative efforts with professional golf counterparts.

A Fusion of International and Homegrown Talents on a Magnificent Course

There’s an air of anticipation as Emos Korblah, the defending champion from Ghana, steps onto the Ikeja Golf Club grounds, determined to reign supreme again. Korblah praises the club’s course for its complex layout, offering considerable challenges to the competitors. The championship is further enriched by the participation of leading Nigerian players like Francis Epe, Oche Odoh, and Mike Ubi. These individuals bring to the tournament, a tremendous skill-set and a fierce competitive streak.

Sculpting the Future of Nigerian Golf

Uche Ezebuiro, the Operations Director of the Professional Golfers’ Association, reinforces the association’s dedication to golf’s advancement in Nigeria. By forging strategic partnerships with corporates like Acutech, the association is working tirelessly to improve the professional experience for golfers and enhance operational aspects. The association also aims to emphasize Nigeria’s robust golfing capabilities. This alliance with Acutech is seen as a key component of a grand strategy for the future, aspiring to augment the championship’s provisions and aid in the overall development of the sport.


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