NIA Investigates Supposed LTTE Connections of Naam Tamizhar Katchi Participants

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NIA Conducts Extensive Probes into Alleged Connections with Banned Militant Group

According to our sources, The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is currently involved in thorough searches encompassing various locations related to members of the pro-Tamil political organization, Naam Tamizhar Katchi (NTK). The integral figures of the investigation are Saatai Duraimurgan, a well-known Tamil YouTuber and Associate of NTK’s chief, Seeman, and Thenngam Vishnu, a former supporter of NTK and established YouTuber. The focus of the NIA investigation is suspicions of money laundering tied to the banned militant faction, the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

Unveiling LTTE’s Alleged Associations

Labeled as a terror group, the LTTE is notoriously known for their significant involvement in the protracted conflict in Sri Lanka as they pushed for an autonomous state for Hindu Tamils in the northeastern region of the country. Current investigations suggest a plausible tie between NTK members and potential activities to revive the LTTE.

Insight into Naam Tamizhar Katchi’s Role

The Naam Tamizhar Katchi, established in 2010 by actor-cum-politician Seeman, is recognized for their advocacy for the Tamil-speaking community in Sri Lanka. Their activism centers around furthering Tamil nationalism, promulgating social justice, and safeguarding Tamil traditions. The NTK’s involvement in socio-political matters in Tamil Nadu is prominent, consistently emphasizing the importance of Tamil language and identity.

Pondering the Far-Reaching Investigation

The residences of multiple NTK officials are being searched in coordination by the NIA to delve into the alleged connections with overseas-based members and sympathizers of the LTTE. This is an extension of the ongoing investigation related to the Omalur arms case in Tamil Nadu, where the suspects were alleged to be in cahoots with the LTTE, device a plan for an attack employing unauthorized firearms, lethal weapons, and explosives. The searches are still underway in several districts such as Tiruchirappalli, Coimbatore, and Tenkasi, to name a few. The NTK has filed a plea with the Madras High Court regarding the ongoing NIA raid on their party office bearers, which is scheduled for hearing later today.

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