NHTSA Progresses Inquiry into Tesla Electric Cars’ Steering Issues

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Tesla’s Steering Issues Under Deeper Investigation by the NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has taken its examination into the steering issues affecting over 334,000 Tesla electric vehicles to the next level, a shift that may propel the process toward a recall. This particular development comes on the heels of an initial inquiry which was instigated in July of last year, in response to a barrage of complaints about the loss of steering control in 2023 Model Y and Model 3 vehicles.

Surge in Complaints

115 complaints about the steering problem, directly related to Tesla, inundated the NHTSA. Our sources indicate that following a solicitation for more information, Tesla revealed an extra 2,176 complaints. The complaints primarily center around drivers witnessing a sudden loss of steering control, often accompanied by notifications that power-assisted steering had been reduced or completely disabled.

The Direct Impact on Drivers

Reports from affected drivers detail challenges in maneuvering the steering wheel, while others were required to apply an abnormal amount of force to steer their vehicles. In some situations, drivers couldn’t complete a turn leading to a collision. Numerous cases have also emerged where Teslas ended up blocking intersections or roadways, with over 50 instances requiring towing of the vehicle.

The NHTSA’s Investigation of Possible Steering Rack Failures

As per our source, the NHTSA’s current probe is focused on determining whether steering rack failures contribute to these incidents. Tesla has been contacted for their viewpoint on these issues.

Meanwhile, the NHTSA announced a recall of about 2.2 million Tesla vehicles in the US due to improper warning lights. Being the largest recall in Tesla’s history, it impacts models S, X, 2017-2023 models 3, Model Y, and the 2024 edition of the Cybertruck. The problematic issues extend to font size of warning lights which could render pivotal safety information unreadable, thus potentially escalating the risk of a crash. Tesla has also answered to recalls in China regarding steering software and door-locking systems. Concurrently, Elon Musk must forfeit a compensation package potentially valued at over $55 billion, as per a judge’s verdict in a separate legal proceedings.

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