Nelson’s Great Marsden St John’s Primary Lauded for Pupil Mentorship and Inclusive Activities

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High Praise for Great Marsden St John’s Primary School in Nelson

Renowned for its high educational standards and strong sense of community, Great Marsden St John’s Primary School has once again been recognised for its dedication towards fostering a nurturing and progressive learning environment. According to a recent Ofsted report we obtained, the school has upheld its ‘good’ status, continuing to meet the academic and social needs of its 208 students.

High Expectations and Strong Relationships

The school, part of the reputable Cidari Multi Academy Trust, is not only focused on academic excellence but also aims to facilitate the building of strong inter-pupil relationships. This is evident from the friendly associations developed between Year 6 and early years pupils, fostered by an innovative buddy system.

Moreover, the institution encourages positive behaviours across different age groups through their ‘family dining’ setup. This enables younger pupils to observe and learn from older students’ dining manners, thus promoting etiquette and respect within the school community.

A Variety of Activities

Great Marsden St John’s Primary School does not limit students to the classroom environment. Several physically engaging and extracurricular activities are facilitated, including unique sports and a diverse choir, to cultivate the students’ fitness and collaborative skills.

Areas for Improvement

While the Ofsted report lauds the quality of teaching and provision of high-quality resources, it also pinpoints certain areas that require further improvement. Notably, more regular monitoring is needed in tracking pupils’ learning progression across all subjects.

A Focus on Reading and Phonics

  • Observations from our source confirm the school’s particular emphasis on reading and effective phonics training, both of which have received specific praise in the report.
  • The literacy-heavy approach helps cultivate a deep love for reading amongst the students, equipping them with strong comprehension skills and imaginative abilities.
  • Strong Pastoral Care

    In addition to offering a robust academic curriculum, the school also excels in providing strong pastoral support. Its efforts towards accommodating students with special educational needs and those learning English as an additional language haven’t gone unnoticed.

    Finally, the tune of the Ofsted report and our own observations reveal that Great Marsden St John’s Primary School is more than an institution – it’s a supportive community that nurtures every child, encouraging them to fulfil their potential.


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