NBA Icons Consider 2024 Paris Olympics After Disheartening World Cup Performance

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Team USA Roster for 2024 Paris Olympics Begins to Take Shape

Following a disappointing fourth-place finish at the 2023 FIBA World Cup, NBA superstars are reportedly eager to represent Team USA at the 2024 Paris Olympics. As per allegations, USA Basketball is getting ready to announce around 30 participants. The final 12-member team will be selected from this pool. Big names like LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant might possibly come back to the national team. However, the final team won’t be revealed till the offseason, says news from the Reader Wall source.

Effect of NBA Season on Player Availability

The prolonged and tiresome NBA season could affect player availability. Invitations are being sent out to players presently, as per Joe Vardon from Reader Wall. We can expect a variety of responses from the stars of the league, the experienced players, and the rising talents.

Certain NBA Stars Likely To Miss Out

Despite the high interest, it’s predicted that five NBA stars may not make it to Team USA. Ja Morant might be ruled out due to injury, while current form could deter Klay Thompson. James Harden might lose out to better options, and previous poor performances in international matches might go against Brandon Ingram. Likewise, the excessive number of guards might hinder Austin Reaves’ chances, according to news from Reader Wall.

Steve Kerr To Helm Team USA

Steve Kerr, the coach of Golden State Warriors, is likely to lead Team USA. He is expected to invite superstar players from his team. This is despite criticism concerning Team Usa’s performance in the World Cup, demonstrating the determination of the coach and the players to redeem themselves and shine in global tournaments.


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