Navigating HOA Challenges: The Increasing Difficulty of Acquiring Non-HOA Homes in the US

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Emerging Complications of Homeownership in the United States

As homeowner associations (HOAs) continue to gain prominence in several US areas, especially parts of South and West, many home buyers sometimes struggle to secure a singular family home that doesn’t fall under the control of an HOA. This change in the real estate landscape is becoming clear through stories like that of Jewel Inostroza and her painful experiences with her HOA-run property in Newnan, Georgia, that she purchased back in 2008.

The Reality of HOA-run Properties

HOAs are independent entities assigned with the management of a collection of homes, otherwise known as common-interest communities. Home property owners living under the scope of an HOA typically contribute to the common costs of shared spaces and facilities. Although Living in an HOA-controlled district comes with its own set of perks, it does bring with it certain rules to be followed and additional fees. One such instance of this ensnared the Inostroza family, where post-purchase, they found out their newly-acquired property was already steeped in a debt of unpaid dues and associated charges. As a result, a lien was invoked against their home.

The Struggles of HOA Homeownership

Ignoring their strenuous attempts at rectifying the situation, the Inostroza family found themselves facing wage garnishment encompassing the unresolved fees. This particular situation highlights the intricate financial and legal conundrums that can surface with properties under the jurisdiction of an HOA. According to recent data from the U.S. Census Bureau, these types of properties constituted a massive 84% of the newly constructed and sold singular-family homes in the year 2022. From our reliable sources, this number is only likely to increase in the future as HOAs steadily gain ground.

Buyers Be Aware

  • Budding homeowners should conduct thorough due diligence on any debts associated with the property they are planning to purchase.
  • Always try to comprehend the rules, restrictions, and costs imposed by the HOA.
  • Aspiring buyers should also prepare themselves for any sudden changes that the HOA might impose.
  • And, finally, it’s wise to prepare for the financial implications that can potentially stem from an unexpected circumstance or dispute involving your HOA.

The impact of HOAs on homeownership is increasingly visible in the US housing market. While they can offer considerable benefits, homeowners need to be adequately prepared and informed about the potential challenges they might face.


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