Navigating Development Delays: Kochi’s Road Expansion Project Faces Hurdles

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City Connectivity Project Faces Delays Despite State Government’s Substantial Funding

Our sources confirm that despite the State government’s allocation of ₹125 crore for a key infrastructure development project aimed at enhancing east-west connectivity in the city, the work finds itself in jeopardy due to numerous delays. The initiative that aimed to ease congestion on major roads and improve overall traffic flow, remains bogged down by a number of unresolved issues.

Land Handover and Compensation Package Complications

The chief among these roadblocks involves problems regarding the handover of land and the finalization of any compensation packages. Two of the most significant areas affected by these issues are the Chilavannur Bund Road and a planned project to expand a 3.60-km NH bypass-Thammanam-Pullepady-MG Road into a four-lane stretch.

National Highways Authority of India’s (NHAI) Proposed Elevated Highway

Further contributing to the strain, the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) has unveiled future plans to commence work on a new elevated highway by mid-2024. However, concerns are being raised that the construction may potentially lead to exacerbated traffic congestion.

Attributed Delays

The Greater Cochin Development Authority’s (GCDA) less than stellar pace in finalizing compensation, along with protracted delays in the land acquisition and handover procedures between the Revenue department and the Public Works Department (PWD) have been cited as principal reasons for the project’s ongoing predicament.

Residents’ Appeal

In an interesting twist, it has been revealed that despite the project having been in the pipeline for 13 years, and certain residents offering their land free of cost 35 years ago, the scheme has found itself ensnared in layers of bureaucratic red tape. This has led to public outcry, with citizens imploring the authorities to take immediate and effective action to bring the endeavour to fruition.


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